Thursday, October 21, 2010

Currently Writing

While I am not moving away from "the Courting Plan" as it is still in progress, I am writing a new novel. Go again and sigh, I know. I had an amazing idea after reading a particular book. I had an idea about writing this single novel that is not connected to a series, which might be changed later in the future. The novel is about 5 best friends living in this small town. This novel is titled: Plain Janes.

About the Best Friends:

Laura Gunter, 19. Is a romantic at heart, believes there is a Prince Charming somewhere.

Gwyn Meloy, 17. A active tomboy who loves flower pressing.

Grace Eickhoff, 18. Loves reading and writing Science Fiction.

Juliet Meloy, 15. A very active sports player who has a tough time dealing with her parent's strict dress code and rules.

Taylor West, 15. Is a music and softball lover. Very adventurous and is never home on the weekends.

Much Love...<3

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  1. Good Luck!!

    I was 30k words in on a novel I started in May before I realized the story on my heart was different. I set the first one aside and am LOVING the places this new one is taking me. So, stay true to your heart, I say.

    PS - you're not an aspiring author, you're an author, aspiring to be published ;)

    Your blog is SO cute!
    Thanks for swinging by my blog!
    Excited to follow all your adventures now, too.

    The Survival Mama