Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flicka 2

So, the other night, we watched Flicka 2. I was unsure and didn't know if I really wanted to see it, since the first one wasn't that good. I watched it anyways and was glad I did! I really loved it! Still, I don't understand why in both Flickas that they get a girl who's 25+ to play the part of a 16 or 19 year old. Especially when you can tell the girl is way older than her part! Anyways, here's my review!

Actors/Actresses - 5/10
Like I said, they could have gotten a younger girl to play the part of the daughter. The father was an okay part, he wasn't as bad as Tim McGraw in the first Flicka. Clint Black did an awesome job as the family friend, as did the guy, Jake. I DID not like the snobs in the film! They were very rude to the girl!

Writing/Directing - 9/10
The story plot was very good! As was the directing! I wish there was more on the horse, which is why there is 9 out of 10.

Cursing/Misconduct/Sensuality - 10/10
As far as I could hear, this movie has absolutely NO cuss words in it! A big plus for me! The only misconduct in this film was the way the snobby girl treated Carrie. And as for the sensuality, the clothing were very modest and there is only one scene where the boy kisses Carrie once.

There's my review! Reading between the lines....GO RENT OR BUY THIS MOVIE!! A great family film to be enjoyed by all ages!
~<3 Natalie

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Recent Writing

Kallie Piersin has a problem. She's a sixteen year old girl who never really seemed to fit in and when the star of the football player finally notices her, her life starts getting better everyday. It gets even better when he becomes her boyfriend. But one tragic addicent takes him away from her and she is filled with grief. Several weeks later she has a terrible realization, at the same time as her parents announce their divorce. And her grandmother passes away. And when her best friend enters a drug rehab. She has no one to turn to. Until she attends her school's football game and sees her dead boyfriend's older brother. She tries to fumble through the game as she watches him play, but remembers the words that his brother told her before he died; "If you ever need someone to talk to, and I am not around, talk to Tim. He has the answers to almost every problem there is.". Kallie works up the courage when the game is over and walks down the stadium to the victor's team. Admist the cheering Kallie catches Tim Alton hugging his parents and siblings. She manages to ask to speak with him privately and he questions her why, she whispers that she was his brother's girlfriend and it was urgent that she talked to him. After he gets out of the locker room, they talk. She manages to tell him that she is pregnant with his brother's child. When he doesn't believe her, she shows him a text from his dead brother that proves they had slept together. After a few days later Tim finds out from Kallie's sister that his brother was planning on eloping with Kallie the weekend of his fatal car accident. Tim asks Kallie if that was true and she denies it. Then he askes her why she always wears a arm warmer or gloves, she just shrugs. He pulls off her left glove and sees a diamond ring.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review of Laura's Victory

Laura's Victory: End of the Second War (1945) Sisters in Time series book #25
by Veda Boyd Jones

Book Description
As the Second World War grinds on, eleven-year-old Laura Edwards hopes and prays for an American victory. Inside her, though, another battle is raging: Originally suspicious and resentful of a Japanese-American classmate, Laura begins to admire the girl's quiet strength in the face of persecution. When Laura learns that the girl's father fights for the U.S. Army in Europe, she comes to realize the dangers of judging solely by appearances. Using actual historical events to tell a compelling fictional story, Laura's Victory is perfect for eight- to twelve-year-old girls. Priced at only $3.97, it'll be a favorite with parents!

My review:

This book was really good. I mostly picked it up cause I love the WWII era. And it's about a young girl, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Laura became a strong girl in this book as she has to take on more responsibility when her brother becomes ill. Laura is also faced with having a Japenese friend and finding out more about her heritage also. It was very interesting to read as I learned more about WWII.

I recommend this book to any preteen girl who loves reading. Adults would enjoy reading it also.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Picnik Premium

Well, I finally did it! I finally upgraded on Picnik to yearly premium. Of course, they messed me up a little by not accepting PayPal, so I had to ask Daddy to use his credit card. At least this charge will only be once a year, which is a good thing!

Do you use Picnik? If not, I highly recommend it! You can make scrapbook pages, banners, and even spruce up your profile picture. You can turn a picture vintage, add stickers and text. My favorite is adding sepia or Holga-ish, using a fancy collage and writing with Bleeding Cowboy!

Anyways, here's the link to picnik, go check it out. It's free or you can join premium and get so much extra things! Picnik.

Below is a snapshot I took of Picnik.