Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saloon Girls

Since I am writing a series on Saloon girls, I thought I'd browse pictures of them and get an idea of what they look like---apart from the movies.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting for Morning - a Review


My first attempt reading a book by Karen Kingsbury. I was not prepared for what I would read! Never in my life have I read such touching story and a story so real. A story based on a tragic accident that I have only read in the papers. Hannah Ryan had everything. A loving husband and two beautiful daughters. One drunk diver takes away her husband and eldest daughter, and forever haunts another. According to Hannah, her relationship with God died the same day as her husband and daughter. She neglects her other daughter, whom plans on suicide to be with her father and sister. Hannah joins MADD and thinks the only way to peace is for the drunk driver to be in jail. Little does she know that after the verdict that puts the drunk driver behind bars, she doesn't find peace and she's so far away from God until she and the district attorney finds her youngest daughter limp after a suicide attempt. Hannah finally turns back to God and her daughter lives.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sugar & Grits - My Review

All 4 adaptions were really good to read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all! Mississippi Mud by DiAnn Mills was very well written, and I enjoyed reading about Berta and Matt. Not on the Menu by Martha Rogers was surprisingly good book, as I am not into reading about older women, but it was really enjoyable. Gone Fishing by Janice A. Thompson was really enjoyable too as it was also about an older woman. Lastly there was Falling for you by Kathleen Y'Barbo. I really loved it also, as it was about a younger couple like the first book. I 100% recommend this book, as it would be a great way to pass away a raining day!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nowaday Story Plot

Laura Marie is 16 years old when she sleeps with a friend. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to a girl whom they name, Mikayla. James later on marries a girl name Virginia and they can't have any children. James has visitation with Mikayla every other weekend. At age 17, Laura is diagnosed with stomach cancer which is later goes away after chemo. Then at age 19, Mikayla(whom is now 3 years old) is attacked by a pitt at her cousins house. Mikayla is rushed to the hospital and Laura meets her cousin, Helen there. Helen is arrested for child endangerment and Mikayla is in surgery. Laura's parents are there and Jason's parents are there. Laura has to contact Jason a dozen times and finally contacts Jason's wife, whom she is not allowed due to a restraining order. She violats that and gets Jason eventually through Virginia. The doctor comes into the waiting room 4 hours later and speaks with Laura, Jason and the parents. Mikayla is in a coma after they operated on her head where the Pitt had attacked. Mikayla also needs a heart transplant. Laura finds out that she has cancer in her lung and needs chemo, but she can't take chemo because she's found out that she is pregnant again after a mistake she and Jason had made a month earlier.

Too much drama, drama, drama?!