Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Cabinet

I made good use of my family's old TV cabinet! In the cabinet I placed some of my book collection inside. My book collection is well over 500! Including almost the entire collection of Nancy Drew books and my massive collection of Historical Christian Novels.
On the shelf part, I added some teapots. I have 20 teapots in my personal collection, so I placed 5 teapots in my room on the shelf. I keep my laptop on top of the cabinet with my writing lap desk. I am using this TV cabinet as a temporary writing desk until I can find one in an antique store.


  1. 500! Wow, that's waaaay more than I have! I've read some of those books shown in the picture. And what beautiful teapots!

  2. Lovely book cabinet! And the teapots have a cozy home. Enjoy! :)