Thursday, October 28, 2010

Currently Reading

I am part of this Love Inspired book club where they send me 4 Historical books every month. I used to get mixed books, but I finally told them I only wanted Historical books. It's a nice surprise to get the books in the mail, mostly cause I have no idea what books they will be. I recently got October's package of books that will be in stores in November. Right away, I knew I wanted to read the first book I pulled out of the package.

Who ever heard of such thing? Mail-Order Cowboy?! That really sparked my attention! The first chapter has got me totally engrossed! It's about this circle of friends in the 1800s. After the Civil War, many of the men that were single were killed or MIA; so there's no one for a group of friends to marry. One gets an idea to put an ad in the Houston paper for Mail-Order grooms. They all have family ranches that they can't run on their own. A cowboy reads the article, and while on his way to a job in Houston, he stops by the women's small town. When he arrives the one with the idea's ranch hand is hurt and he offers to stay until he's well again. That's the farthest I've read. But I know it will be a great read!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Cabinet

I made good use of my family's old TV cabinet! In the cabinet I placed some of my book collection inside. My book collection is well over 500! Including almost the entire collection of Nancy Drew books and my massive collection of Historical Christian Novels.
On the shelf part, I added some teapots. I have 20 teapots in my personal collection, so I placed 5 teapots in my room on the shelf. I keep my laptop on top of the cabinet with my writing lap desk. I am using this TV cabinet as a temporary writing desk until I can find one in an antique store.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Second Chance Bride: Review by Me

A prostitute gets a second chance to pose as a teacher in a small town. She learns how to teach and everyone believes she is this teacher woman. She learns more about God and about a particular guy in town. When a stranger comes to town, he threatens to tear them all apart.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Currently Writing

While I am not moving away from "the Courting Plan" as it is still in progress, I am writing a new novel. Go again and sigh, I know. I had an amazing idea after reading a particular book. I had an idea about writing this single novel that is not connected to a series, which might be changed later in the future. The novel is about 5 best friends living in this small town. This novel is titled: Plain Janes.

About the Best Friends:

Laura Gunter, 19. Is a romantic at heart, believes there is a Prince Charming somewhere.

Gwyn Meloy, 17. A active tomboy who loves flower pressing.

Grace Eickhoff, 18. Loves reading and writing Science Fiction.

Juliet Meloy, 15. A very active sports player who has a tough time dealing with her parent's strict dress code and rules.

Taylor West, 15. Is a music and softball lover. Very adventurous and is never home on the weekends.

Much Love...<3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Winter Reading List

I plan to spend a lot of time sewing and making jewelry this winter. Plus some knitting and writing. I also plan on doing a lot of reading!! I thought I'd share my Winter Reading List with y'all. There are some other books I'm going to read, but these are the ones I already have bought!

Mission of Hope (Love Inspired Historical)
Mission of Hope by Allie Pleiter

Dangerous Allies (Love Inspired Historical)
Dangerous Allies by Renee Ryan

Dakota Cowboy (The Dakota Series #2) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #59)
Dakota Cowboy by Linda Ford

The Doctor's Newfound Family (Love Inspired Historical)
The Doctor's Newfound Family by Valerie Hansen

Rocky Mountain Match (Love Inspired Historical)
Rocky Mountain Match by Pamela Nissen

In a Mother's Arms: Finally a Family/Home Again (Mother's Day Anthology) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #29)
In a Mother's Arms by Jillian Hart & Victorian Bylin

Oregon: The Heart Has Its Reasons/Love Shall Come Again/Love's Tender Path/Anna's Hope (Inspirational Romance Collection)
Oregon by Bridie Etchison

Kansas: Beyond Today/Threads of Love/Woven Threads/The House on Windridge (Inspirational Romance Collection)
Kansas by Tracie Peterson

Colorado Lace (Romancing America)
Colorado Lace by Rachel Druten

Christmas Mail-Order Brides: A Trusting Heart/The Prodigal Groom/Hidden Hearts/Mrs Mayberry Meets Her Match (Romancing America: Wyoming)
Christmas Mail Order Brides by Vickie McDonough

.....and more will be added to the list! :D I just know I will find another book at Wally world soon! I just wish I could afford to buy some of the $10 books there. :( They are just too darn expensive.

Happy Reading!