Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God

I thought I would write these prayers taken from the book by Marjorie Holmes. I want to try to do one every Sunday or every other Sunday. They are so inspiring and uplifting!

I've got to talk to somebody, God.
I'm worried, I'm unhappy, I feel inadequate so often, hopeless, defeated, afraid.
Or again I'm so filled with delight I want to run into the streets proclaiming, "Stop, world, listen! Here this wonderful thing."
But nobody pause to listen, out there or here---here in this very house where I live. Even those closest to me are so busy, so absorbed in their own concerns.
They nod and murmur and make an effort to share it, but they can't; I know they can't before I begin.

There are all these walls between us--husband and wife, parent and child, neighbor and neighbor, friend and friend.
Walls of self. Walls of silence. Even walls of words.
For even when we try to talk to each other new walls begin to rise. We camouflage, we hold back, we make ourselves sound better than we really are. Or we are shocked and hurt by what is revealed. Or we sit privately in judgement, criticizing even when we pretend to agree.

But with you, Lord, there are no walls.
You, who made me, know my deepest emotions, my most secret thoughts. You know the good of me and the bad of me, you already understand.

Why, then, do I turn to you?

Because as I talk to you my disappointments are eased, my joys are enhanced, I find solutions to my problems, or the strength to endure what I must.
From your perfect understanding I receive understanding for my own life's needs.

Thank you that I can always turn to you. I've got to talk to somebody, God.

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