Friday, August 5, 2011

Here's Lucy!

I have to say that I grew up watching old "I Love Lucy" re-runs on TV until we got off cable. After finding it near impossible in stores, I finally started buying the series and feel in love with Lucy all over again! I have to say that "I Love Lucy" is my #1 favorite old TV show and TV show ever! I'm sure you are all familiar with the star of the show, Lucille Ball, and her amazing career! She was the 1st woman to own her own television studio! Imagine that! And she was best known for the Queen of Comedy! She sure was an amazing woman and lived to be 77 years old! She was born in 1911, I believe, and surmised in 1989. Tomorrow would have been her 100th birthday had she lived. There are several aspects of her life that saddens me: first she lost her father at the age of 3, after she and Desi were married she had 3 miscarriages(but was blessed with two beautiful children) and her divorce to Desi Arnaz. I just cannot picture them two to be separated. I guess I'm just hung on their image in "I Love Lucy"! Anyways, I thought I'd celebrate her birthday with a few photos I found of her on google. Happy Birthday Lucille Ball! I LOVE LUCY!

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