Saturday, February 19, 2011

Windy City Brides by Frances Devine ~ Review

This book is part of the Romancing America 3-in-1 series. This book takes place in Illinois.

Book 1- A Girl Like That is about a girl name Katie who wants to be involved in the theater. On center stage she meets a lawyer, Sam, and they both want to help the poor Irish immigrants. Through their charitable works and budding friendship, a great fire happens and nearly destroys the entire city.

Book 2~ Once a Thief is about Danni who is trying to find a better life for her and her brother, Jimmy. Danni is caught by a play writer, Blake, and is deemed a thief. She acts her way out and finds solace in Blake's neighbors and tries to figure out a way for Jimmy to escape. Blake sees Danni as the star in his play and they grow closer as friends. Meanwhile Jimmy's captor threatens to tear it all apart.

Book 3~ Sugar and Spice tells the story of a preacher's daughter, CiCi, and a lawyer's brother-in-law, Jimmy. CiCi desires adventures and Jimmy seems to be just that type! As CiCi falls in love with Jimmy, he discovers his desire to help the poor tenements and drops out of law school. CiCi struggles to think Jimmy may want to be a missionary and starts hanging out with the wrong crowd. CiCi also discovers that Jimmy and Danni's captor is released from prison and unknowingly befriends him. CiCi learns about Jimmy's childhood ordeal and boards a sinking ship to face his captor.

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