Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogging for Books

I thought I'd share this with all my reading friends. I'm the same as you. I don't always have the money to buy the books I want to read, so I just mostly write the ones that cost more than $10 down on a list ...then turn around and buy them a few months later on eBay. Well, I found this site that will send you books for FREE! All you have to do is write a review about the book. It doesn't have to be a good review, just a review! I invite you to join & get FREE books! It's FREE to join!

Let me know if you join it! : )
Love & hugs,


  1. Have you heard of They have a large selection of books available for review from a variety of different publishers. You read them on your computer though.

  2. Hi Natalie!
    Thanks for following my blog :) This is all new to me. One of these days I am hoping to do some reviewing on my blog as well, but I just know now is not my time. Thanks for the post about blogging for books, though. I use my library alot & I've won quite a few. Still have several from last year on my TBR shelf :) Keep in touch! Anne