Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Comes Love by Whitney Lyles Review

This book was not at all bad. Does have bad language in it, other than that...pretty good. I love Cate and Ethan! They're such a cool couple! Some of the things I read made me laugh out loud! I would definitely check out another book by this author, most definitely! I do recommend reading "Always a Bridesmaid" first and then "Here Comes the Bride" next, I made that mistake and read this one first. I had no idea it was book 3. It was good, regardless of the bad language which I personally think could've been left out.

Whitney Lyles is the author of bestseller book "Always a Bridesmaid" and "Here Comes the Bride". "First Comes Love" is the third adaption in this story about Cate and Ethan.


Review by Natalie White, pictures courtesy of Google

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