Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review of Laura's Victory

Laura's Victory: End of the Second War (1945) Sisters in Time series book #25
by Veda Boyd Jones

Book Description
As the Second World War grinds on, eleven-year-old Laura Edwards hopes and prays for an American victory. Inside her, though, another battle is raging: Originally suspicious and resentful of a Japanese-American classmate, Laura begins to admire the girl's quiet strength in the face of persecution. When Laura learns that the girl's father fights for the U.S. Army in Europe, she comes to realize the dangers of judging solely by appearances. Using actual historical events to tell a compelling fictional story, Laura's Victory is perfect for eight- to twelve-year-old girls. Priced at only $3.97, it'll be a favorite with parents!

My review:

This book was really good. I mostly picked it up cause I love the WWII era. And it's about a young girl, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Laura became a strong girl in this book as she has to take on more responsibility when her brother becomes ill. Laura is also faced with having a Japenese friend and finding out more about her heritage also. It was very interesting to read as I learned more about WWII.

I recommend this book to any preteen girl who loves reading. Adults would enjoy reading it also.


  1. Sounds good. I've read other books in the series and really liked them. They are perfect for preteens.

  2. I'd definitely read this one! :) You know me and WWII/1940's!!!!

    Great review!

  3. I agree a great read. Niece #2 (11) and I read it and both loved it.