Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Recent Writing

Kallie Piersin has a problem. She's a sixteen year old girl who never really seemed to fit in and when the star of the football player finally notices her, her life starts getting better everyday. It gets even better when he becomes her boyfriend. But one tragic addicent takes him away from her and she is filled with grief. Several weeks later she has a terrible realization, at the same time as her parents announce their divorce. And her grandmother passes away. And when her best friend enters a drug rehab. She has no one to turn to. Until she attends her school's football game and sees her dead boyfriend's older brother. She tries to fumble through the game as she watches him play, but remembers the words that his brother told her before he died; "If you ever need someone to talk to, and I am not around, talk to Tim. He has the answers to almost every problem there is.". Kallie works up the courage when the game is over and walks down the stadium to the victor's team. Admist the cheering Kallie catches Tim Alton hugging his parents and siblings. She manages to ask to speak with him privately and he questions her why, she whispers that she was his brother's girlfriend and it was urgent that she talked to him. After he gets out of the locker room, they talk. She manages to tell him that she is pregnant with his brother's child. When he doesn't believe her, she shows him a text from his dead brother that proves they had slept together. After a few days later Tim finds out from Kallie's sister that his brother was planning on eloping with Kallie the weekend of his fatal car accident. Tim asks Kallie if that was true and she denies it. Then he askes her why she always wears a arm warmer or gloves, she just shrugs. He pulls off her left glove and sees a diamond ring.


  1. Interesting girl. I'll have to bug ya with more details. ;-)

  2. Wow, how kewl! I have to ask, does Kallie and Tim get together in the end?