Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Blank Notebook

I found a blank notebook on sale at Wal-mart today. It's white with pink flowers on it. It's just waiting on me to fill the pages with writing. I cannot wait until I can take a pen to those pages!

A blank notebook
pages crisp and new.
Waiting on the writer
to open with a pen.
To write a poem
or a redemption story.
Whether it be truth
or fiction.
Be it all for the glory
of the almighty God above.

~written by Natalie White~

I know poems are supposed to rhyme, but some do not! Another attempt at a poem that I think it's good, pretty good anyways.
By the way, thank you to the almost 50 followers! I thank God for y'all reading and supporting my blog! Much love to you all!

~the Pioneer Writer~


  1. I love that poem!
    It has such great sentiment and meaning!

  2. That poem is fantastic! I'm glad it doesn't rhyme. That is what makes it unique.

  3. Oh I love those I definitely need to get one

    <3, New Follower