Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time of Day

When is the best time to write? According to you?

For me, it's late at night. Long after the dishwasher has run and the dryer has cut off, when the only light in the house is my lamp and the night lights. When my parents are long gone to bed and my cat is slumbering at the foot of my bed. The only sound being heard is the air condition clicking on or the occasion rustle outside my bedroom window. The words just flow best at that time for me. I cannot explain it. It's like God is giving me the words and my pen just flies on the paper.

Although I have to admit that the last time I've written was a week after my surgery back in January. We've had some things go on in February and I just have had too much on my mind. After getting back into the routine, I'm almost afraid of summer coming up. Not because it means that my two best friends will be leaving for collage that fall, it's because of the responsibilities that will be on my shoulders. So much more work is evolved in the summertime that at times I long for the slowness of winter. The long days just seem to drag...and that's one thing I'll miss most.

Well, I must get back to my earrings on Etsy, but before I go..I'd like to say that I'll have another review coming up by or during this weekend. Have a wonderful and blessed week! God bless you all, my beloved readers!

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